A Traumatic Fall – By Andrew Farr

This patient presented a few weeks following a fall where all four Maxillary incisors were damaged. The delay in presentation was due to her upper lip being extremely swollen and painful that she did not want any sort of examination of her dentition.

Traumatic fractures

As shown above the maxillary left central incisor has a complex dentine-enamel fracture and has devitalised. The Maxillary right central incisor also has a complex dentine-enamel fracture. Both lateral incisors have dentine enamel fracture with no pulp exposure and were extremely sensitive to air.

Both central incisors were root treated and due to the discolouration a crown was recommended. To improve the aesthetic outcome it was decided to crown both central incisors as a pair. The lateral incisors were treated with Filtek Supreme composite and Synergy enamel shades.

Final restorations

The patient was very happy with the final restoration.

Andrew Farr BDS(Hons), MJDF Associate Dentist at Broad Street Dental Surgery


Adult Orthodontics – Upper and Lower Crowding. By Andrew Farr

Mrs K. presented complaining of upper and lower arch crowding. She had orthodontics completed in her adolescents and this has now relapsed due to a lack of retention following treatment.

Mrs K. had 4mm crowding in the upper arch with the Maxillary right first molar buccally placed. The lower arch had mild crowding of around 3mm as shown above. Treatment options were discussed and it was decided that fixed upper and lower arch short term orthodontics followed by fixed retention in the form of a bonded retainer would provide an acceptable outcome.

The treatment was provided at Broad Street Dental Surgery using the QST (Quick Straight Teeth) system and took approximately 6 months to complete. Excellent result were achieved and the patient was provided with fixed upper and lower retainers along with Essix retainers to wear at night.

If you are interested or know of anyone interested in short term orthodontics then please visit Broad Street Dental Surgery in Hereford.

Dr Andrew Farr (Dentist) BDS(Hons), MJDF